Finding Purpose and Pursuing Destiny


   Too often, we live under the limitations of what other people say. We believe we are unworthy or unlovely or unimportant and, rather than rise to the truth, we are crushed beneath the lies we have heard and our growth is stunted. We have become a society of people who create an illusion of worth by casting shadows over others who we have knocked down.

   Maybe you have knocked someone down or, maybe you have hidden in the shadows of the candle snuffing words of others. There is hope because there is truth. We are crafted in the image of God and we are priceless. We have been granted a future filled with hope and promise. In Jeremiah 29, God tells us His plans for us are good and for a good future. We often find ourselves dwelling in the museum of shattered dreams and we become tethered to our past. Your past, no matter how terrible or grand, can do two things. It can either be an anchor and prevent you from moving on or, it can be a rocket and propel you toward better.


The Apple of His Eye


    When Adam moved to the big city he suddenly realized how small and insignificant he was. In the small town where he grew up he was never especially popular but at least he was comfortable and still believed he could be something. That somehow changed though. Adam found himself in a strange new city and felt very alone and small and frightened. He met one friend in Jr. High and that is all he had into young adulthood. It seemed everyone else hated him. Adam would make several attempts on his life over the years and would question the reason for his existence at nearly every turn. He dated just a few times, he was terrified of girls. There was one he considered asking out but he did not have the courage. Even after he came to know the LORD he doubted he had any value and could not look anyone in the eye. He did not socialize and kept his friend circle tight and small. For many years, he was involved in ministry and made every effort to avoid people. In his eyes, he was a joke.…

Has Your Fire Grown Cold?


A bruised reed He will not break, And smoking flax He will not quench; He will bring forth justice for truth.

   Isaiah 42:3 paints a picture of how God sees the wounded. As long as there is some sign of life, He still sees that person as worth the investment. You may think your fire has gone out but as long as there is a flicker, He has not given up. You may feel battle weary and bruised but you are still valuable.

   There are times when each of us will feel unworthy, unloved and undeserving but, God says "Not so." He is always ready to pour into us. There is never a time He says we have gone too far. Our past is a poor representative of our future. God will continue to reach out and send help. I am reminded of the Chilean miners who were trapped when their mine collapsed. All around the world we waited and watched and anticipated their rescue. When a search and rescue bot was sent down it sent back images of the miners. What was seen was unexpected. We may have expected …

Finding You and Finding Nemo


   In the movie 'Finding Nemo', Marlin and Coral are looking into the nursery when Coral brings up the point that the babies still do not have names. Marlin's quick solution is to name one half Marlin Jr. and the other, Coral Jr. but Coral liked the name Nemo. Marlin agrees to name one child Nemo. Soon after, while the couple plays in their new home, a barracuda enters the scene and disaster ensues. Marlin and one egg are the only survivors and the story begins.

   We see Nemo grow up and quickly encounter trouble as he is captured by a diving dentist. This blog is not about tropical fish and orthodontists though. I want to talk about identity. Before you stop me, yes, I realize this is a cartoon, a silly children's tale. I believe this illustration fits though. Let us suppose for a moment, that the baby they chose to name Nemo was the survivor, though any of the eggs could have made it past the barracuda. Let's pretend that the one which was to be Nemo was the s…

You Are His Testimony


   The Bible says in Romans that the invisible things of God (His beauty, majesty, perfection, goodness, power, etc.) are clearly seen in His creation. God's creation makes, clearly visible the awesomeness of Him. Throughout the Psalms we see scripture reminding us that creation proclaims His glory. If we are His handiwork. If we are part of His creation, we also proclaim His glory. Our existence sings of His majesty. We are crafted in the image of God and are beautiful. We attest to His wonder and proclaim His glory. When we pursue our purpose we proclaim that glory all the more. So, if the invisible things are seen through that which has been created then, we are the testimony of God. We stand as exhibit 'A' as a bold testament of the goodness of God. Does it end there? Do we just testify about God? Is this our only purpose?

    If this was the only reason we existed it would be enough but He does not stop there. We are here to point others to Him. We are here to…

Why Identity Matters


   Why does identity matter? There are many people who are not sure who they are or who they were meant to be. I has been recently brought to my attention that Adam named all of the animals but called his wife, 'Woman'. She did not get a name until after the fall. Without an identity, man is destined to fail. This may seem harsh but it is true. I went and thought about Eve and realized that Adam called her woman for where she was from. In Genesis 2 Adam said, "She will be called woman because she CAME FROM man. In Genesis 3 he named her Eve for who she was, where she was going. Adam named the woman Eve because she was the mother of all living.

    When we are named for our destiny we will see success. God calls you for where you are going, not where you have been. If He called you sinner, or addict or criminal, you would not be able to rise above that monicker. He calls you so much more. He calls you the apple of His eye. He calls you a royal priesthood. He calls …

You Are Not Just A Label


    Too often in life, we are labeled by others. More often than not, we do not deserve these labels. We are called names based on the opinions of others and we often label others using the same criteria. If we are careful to look deeper to the roots of who each of us is meant to be, we will see true value. We are the only creatures crafted in the image of God. We carry immense value and this value cannot be taken away. There is not an action we have taken which will make any of us less valuable and those labels, unfairly thrust upon us, do not take away our value either. Nothing we have done has created that value so nothing we do can destroy it. When we begin to believe the labels we stunt our growth. If we are limited by false labels we put God in a box and our destiny on a shelf. When we turn our back on the lie and embrace the truth of who we have been designed to be we are propelled into our destiny and from there, we can change the world. I realize, of course, the world is a…