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Hope in the Pit

There is a movie coming out (perhaps it has been released) The movie is called "The 33" and it is the story of 33 Chilean miners who were trapped in a mine. I wrote this blog back when that story was in the news and thought it was still relevant.

   When I first heard news that the 33 Chilean miners were alive and in a mine shelter I rejoiced. It wasn't long before I heard that these miners were also joyful and in good spirits, I immediately thought about our situation on Earth.

    The men trapped in the mine are joyful not because they are trapped or even because they have been rescued, their joy lies in the coming rescue, they have peace because though they have not seen their rescuer they have seen evidence that a rescuer exists. We can also have rest and joy in that we have seen God's handiwork, we have seen evidence of His existence and know that relief is coming. There will come a day when we will rest forever in His presence, until that day let …

Gilded Timbers

As I sit in my darkened room gently tapping away I am lulled away from my work by the rhythmic breathing of my sleeping child just a few feet behind me yet miles away in peaceful slumber. Tired from a full day’s activities he rests peacefully, unaware of life’s many worries. I am quickly snapped back to reality and to the task at hand by the droning hum my computer fans. The cold stare of my monitor accompanies me on my journey into this paper. I am aware yet unmoved by the daily assaults on my; peace, my family, my finances and my faith. I am unshaken, not because I do not care but, because I am fully aware of the one who cares enough to stay awake with me. I am not consumed by dread because my dread is carried in bigger hands. If I am comforted by a fairytale, then why not make it Peter Pan or Santa Clause? Why, if this Jesus were not the one he claims to be, would I or anyone dedicate a lifetime to following Him? Why should I tolerate persecution and ridicule for a fraud…

What Makes You Special

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to read my first blog. What makes you so special? You may have heard this question before, I certainly have. When asked before I would always stammer and reply, "Nothing." Well, I couldn't have been more wrong. God. God makes me special and He makes you special too. You have been crafted in the likeness of God. He treasures you. That thing that makes you stand out, that 'oddness' about you? God gave that to you. You were never intended to blend in but, to stand out. God never hung a star in the sky in hopes that it would not shine and He intends for you to shine too. There is something stirring within you. In fact, some of you are reading this and thinking, "I wish he was talking about me." I am. I am talking about each of my readers. That thing that makes you, you is the very same quality that is going to help you walk someone into their destiny. You can do something in a way that nobody else can. Remember, y…