How To Be A Champion

A champion is not one who has never lost but, the one who never stopped. A champion fighter will hit the mat thousands of times in their career. It is not how often you fall or do not fall but whether or not you get back up. You will get knocked down many time but falling is not failing. Get back up. Take another shot and never stop swinging. You can do this. You are built for victory. You are created in the image of God and He calls you victorious. You are not to make yourself small just to fit someone else's description of you. You are a grand masterpiece and God is head over heels in love with you. You are His favorite, He calls you The Apple of His Eye and has a custom fitted destiny carved out just for you. The dreams you have are no accident. He planted those dreams in you for the profit of the world. Your dream is the answer to someone's prayer. Chase that dream. Pursue your destiny and never stop. You can do it. There is something beautiful about someone living in their element. When you live in your element you live in power.


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