What Makes You, You?

What makes you, you? What is it about you which makes you uniquely you? If I sat with each of you one on one and you answered honestly I would hear many answers. Some would answer, "I have a huge nose." Others would respond with something like, "Well, I am very slow." Someone else may say it is their dashing good looks or winning personality. Maybe your career makes you who you are. "I am a teacher." or, "I am a mechanic." When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see that blackhead or your crooked smile? Do you see those beautiful eyes? The problem with mirrors is that we give them a glimpse of us and they return a relatively flat image. That reflection is a very poor representation of us. There is another problem with mirrors in their ability to act as an amplifier. A small imperfection which is beautiful to someone else becomes a large and unsightly problem in the mirror.

So. What makes you you? It is much deeper than skin. It is greater than personality. What makes you a unique and beautiful person is in your makeup. No. Not that paint you apply in the morning. It is in the way God wove you together in your mother's womb. The thing that makes up who you are is found in the blueprint God used for you. There is not another person exactly like you anywhere. If we are crafted in the image of God, and we are. I assure you. Then we are amazing. Our oddities and imperfections are more beauty mark than ugly. You are not more like anyone else because that person already exists. We do not need one more of your neighbor, or favorite celebrity or hero but we do need you. You are unique on purpose.

When you build a puzzle every piece is different and many pieces can appear to be insignificant but, toss that piece in the trash and the final product of that puzzle is an incomplete picture. Each piece is different and fits somewhere specific. You are not exactly like me and I do not match you perfectly. Humans are designed to work together and to compliment one another not become one another. The only person we should mimic is Jesus Christ. God calls you the apple of His eye. He also calls us a royal priesthood. When we are in our element and doing what we are designed to do, whether that is teaching or building or baking or whatever, we begin to truly shine. When we are in the environment from which we were first imagined, when we are in God, we can shine and do it with power. As a royal priesthood we have freedom, power and authority to change the world and to heal the broken. You are anything but insignificant. You are incredible. So go to your mirror and look yourself in the eyes. Tell yourself you are beautiful, powerful, victorious, unique and valuable.


  1. I am trying to believe but, I struggle to see myself as valuable.


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