When Opposition Meets Destiny

When Opposition Meets Destiny Have you ever felt that you simply could not catch a break? Me too, I think we have all been there. It seems that every time you start to get ahead you are hit by a setback. Everything you try seems to fail. It is in those times we need a little moxie. We need the fortitude to press in and keep going. Something happens when you are determined to forge on toward your destiny. I have often said that the champion is not the one who has never been knocked down but the one who refused to stay down. When we get knocked down, and we will get knocked down, we need to decide to push through the junk. We need to keep getting up and keep pushing forward. Work toward the goal and you will get there. Every step you make in the direction of your destiny builds strength. A runner will often ru stairs or hills to build endurance and strength. Those challenges you face are like the runners stairs. You can allow them to beat you or use them to build you. So, the next time you face opposition introduce it to your destiny.


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