You Are Not A Glitch

In the movie 'Wreck it Ralph', Vanellope von Schweetz is an unlikely heroine princess who co labors with a villain from a neighboring game to discover her destiny. Vanellope has been trained to believe she was never meant to be. The king of her land, as well as his subjects, never miss an opportunity to remind her she is just a Glitch and shouldn't even be here. She even answers to this unkind moniker which she has done nothing to earn. Vanellope, has taken to living in solitude, though she dreams of being a racer, she assumes her destiny is solitude and despair. Through a series of events and her relentless pursuit of her dreams she soon discovers that she is the true hero and princess. So often, we lean toward believing what others say we are and we end up aborting our legacy. You may have been told that you are a glitch or a mistake. Perhaps you have a uniqueness which you feel, makes you stand out. Your uniqueness and you apparent oddities are just beauty marks which add to your value and will help you in your true destiny. You are not a glitch or a mistake. You are amazing and beautiful and you have a destiny brewing inside of you. Do not let anything stand in the way of you, becoming beautifully you. You are Crafted For Excellence.


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