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God Asks For Effort


I recently went to the rifle range. I shot many rounds and when I went to retrieve my target I was happy to see three shots in the middle. The three center shots excited me but not as much as the fifty or so everywhere else on the target. Those other shots excited me because I was on the target. Sometimes we expend some effort and become frustrated when every shot is not a bullseye. It is important to celebrate little successes too. We must learn to recognize that every shot may not be a bullseye but we can always take another shot at it. If we fail to try, we fail.

God does not require our success, He only asks for our effort. He turned a surly group of laborers and a tax collector into some of the most successful evangelists ever. These men lacked in experience but not in effort and their labors were rewarded. He promises to do the same with us. If we are available and if we put in just a little real effort, He will bridge the gap between effort and skill and we will see suc…

Royal Priesthood (short)