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You Are Not Just A Label


    Too often in life, we are labeled by others. More often than not, we do not deserve these labels. We are called names based on the opinions of others and we often label others using the same criteria. If we are careful to look deeper to the roots of who each of us is meant to be, we will see true value. We are the only creatures crafted in the image of God. We carry immense value and this value cannot be taken away. There is not an action we have taken which will make any of us less valuable and those labels, unfairly thrust upon us, do not take away our value either. Nothing we have done has created that value so nothing we do can destroy it. When we begin to believe the labels we stunt our growth. If we are limited by false labels we put God in a box and our destiny on a shelf. When we turn our back on the lie and embrace the truth of who we have been designed to be we are propelled into our destiny and from there, we can change the world. I realize, of course, the world is a…