Has Your Fire Grown Cold?

A bruised reed He will not break, And smoking flax He will not quench; He will bring forth justice for truth.

   Isaiah 42:3 paints a picture of how God sees the wounded. As long as there is some sign of life, He still sees that person as worth the investment. You may think your fire has gone out but as long as there is a flicker, He has not given up. You may feel battle weary and bruised but you are still valuable.

   There are times when each of us will feel unworthy, unloved and undeserving but, God says "Not so." He is always ready to pour into us. There is never a time He says we have gone too far. Our past is a poor representative of our future. God will continue to reach out and send help. I am reminded of the Chilean miners who were trapped when their mine collapsed. All around the world we waited and watched and anticipated their rescue. When a search and rescue bot was sent down it sent back images of the miners. What was seen was unexpected. We may have expected to see some dead or near death. We might have been unsurprised by images of weeping men but, that is not what was seen.

   We saw men rejoicing and singing. They could not see their rescuer but they saw evidence of a helper and knew that rescue was coming. The fact that they knew help was coming was enough to keep hope alive. God assures us that the Helper is here with us. He assures us He will never forsake us. God knows we will feel hopeless and alone. He knows when our fire is but an ember and we are broken and bruised. He has promised to bind up the wounds and set our feet on firm foundation.

Do not fear when you are broken or bruised, Help is on the way,



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