Finding You and Finding Nemo

   In the movie 'Finding Nemo', Marlin and Coral are looking into the nursery when Coral brings up the point that the babies still do not have names. Marlin's quick solution is to name one half Marlin Jr. and the other, Coral Jr. but Coral liked the name Nemo. Marlin agrees to name one child Nemo. Soon after, while the couple plays in their new home, a barracuda enters the scene and disaster ensues. Marlin and one egg are the only survivors and the story begins.

   We see Nemo grow up and quickly encounter trouble as he is captured by a diving dentist. This blog is not about tropical fish and orthodontists though. I want to talk about identity. Before you stop me, yes, I realize this is a cartoon, a silly children's tale. I believe this illustration fits though. Let us suppose for a moment, that the baby they chose to name Nemo was the survivor, though any of the eggs could have made it past the barracuda. Let's pretend that the one which was to be Nemo was the survivor. Everyone else shared an identity but the guy with the unique identity lived. This is the same in life.

   When barracudas come to steal your dream or attack you, when life happens or when the enemy creeps in, things can quickly fade in the rumble. This is more true when we do not have a clear understanding of who we are. Have you ever noticed how different everyone is? It can feel as though you are the different one while everyone else is the same but this is not true. We are each crafted with a unique identity. It is this difference that allows us to paint a clear picture of God. It is this difference that allows us to stand out and fulfill our destiny. The fact that you do not seem to 'fit in' is by design. We are not designed to fit in because when we try to do that we are usually trying to blend in but camouflage makes a poor picture. Imagine if we were all identical. A choir would sound like noise and our world would be dull and devoid of variety. You are you on purpose. Long before you were ever conceived, God imagined you. He knew the number of hairs you would have and the shape, color and texture of each finger and toe. No detail escaped Him. He knew what your desires were before you did and molded a destiny, custom tailored for you.

   Like Nemo, you have been given a unique identity. Disaster might come into your life but it cannot end you until God says so. Live your best life. Be the best you. Never try to be someone you are not. You are you for a beautiful reason and that will never be undone. Find your purpose, it is not always easy but is most often tied to your passion. Do not be swayed by what others think you should be or do but, be beautifully you.


  1. What a wonderful story. Thank you for reminding me.


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