You Are His Testimony

   The Bible says in Romans that the invisible things of God (His beauty, majesty, perfection, goodness, power, etc.) are clearly seen in His creation. God's creation makes, clearly visible the awesomeness of Him. Throughout the Psalms we see scripture reminding us that creation proclaims His glory. If we are His handiwork. If we are part of His creation, we also proclaim His glory. Our existence sings of His majesty. We are crafted in the image of God and are beautiful. We attest to His wonder and proclaim His glory. When we pursue our purpose we proclaim that glory all the more. So, if the invisible things are seen through that which has been created then, we are the testimony of God. We stand as exhibit 'A' as a bold testament of the goodness of God. Does it end there? Do we just testify about God? Is this our only purpose?

    If this was the only reason we existed it would be enough but He does not stop there. We are here to point others to Him. We are here to pull the lost and hurting and broken from the bonds of darkness. We are here to bring glory to God and to show the lost there is a way. You are enough. If you were not enough He would not give you a destiny. He would not entrust us with His Word. When He gave Adam the opportunity to partake in the creation process by naming the animals He was saying, "Come help me. I want you to be a part of this." He does the same with us. He allows us to help. He gives us a chance. Like the mom baking cookies with her children, He patiently accepts our involvement. Mom does not need the help of her children. The cookie baking project would likely go much more smoothly without that help but she likes the involvement of the kids. There is joy in the fellowship and in the teaching. God takes great joy in hanging out with you. He loves our involvement. He created everything and owns it all yet, all He wants is you. That, is crazy to me. Step outside tonight and look at the stars. Go listen to the birds. Take a walk and look around. Creation is amazing but you are His handiwork. That word, handiwork, comes from the same root that gives us the word poem. God is head over heels crazy about you. Yes. You are His testimony but you are also the desire of His heart.


  1. AMEN, Scott!

    I love this that you said: "We are here to point others to Him." Yes! Yes! Yes. Amen, again!


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