Finding Purpose and Pursuing Destiny

   Too often, we live under the limitations of what other people say. We believe we are unworthy or unlovely or unimportant and, rather than rise to the truth, we are crushed beneath the lies we have heard and our growth is stunted. We have become a society of people who create an illusion of worth by casting shadows over others who we have knocked down.

   Maybe you have knocked someone down or, maybe you have hidden in the shadows of the candle snuffing words of others. There is hope because there is truth. We are crafted in the image of God and we are priceless. We have been granted a future filled with hope and promise. In Jeremiah 29, God tells us His plans for us are good and for a good future. We often find ourselves dwelling in the museum of shattered dreams and we become tethered to our past. Your past, no matter how terrible or grand, can do two things. It can either be an anchor and prevent you from moving on or, it can be a rocket and propel you toward better.

   When we dredge up the past and lean on that, we are laying claim to limitations that do not belong to us. We point to the shadows of history and say, "I will fail, because I have failed." We make claims about our history that give it power over our future and lose sight of the One Who holds the future. Our past is nothing more than a bend in the road. It is a previous chapter. You cannot complete a book by re-reading past chapters and you cannot launch into your destiny be dwelling in the past.

   Sure, you may have said and done things you regret. Who hasn't? People have unfairly thrust labels upon you. You can choose to live there and believe a lie or, you can pick up and glance back and say, "Well, that is something that happened." We must move forward. We must grow. We must move toward destiny. It is by design, that we dream. We dream because we have promise. We dream because we are powerful and beautiful. We pursue destiny because it is ours.

   Divorce your past. Acknowledge your limitations and then defy them. Grab your destiny by the collar and and conquer it.


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