About CFE

Crafted For Excellence (CFE) began in 2009 as Morning Light Ministries. At that time Morning Light was a daily Bible study which was broadcast every weekday at 5:00 A.M. Since then, CFE has become something different. We have seen format changes a name change,an improvement in video quality and the release of the second book with a third in the works. We have shifted to a weekly format with a focus on identity. The world is facing an identity crisis today. Everything is questionable now. Sexuality and gender are no longer absolutes and abortion seems like a viable option to many. CFE focuses on restoring the identity God has placed on each of us and propelling people into their destiny. When people know who God crafted them to be they can know their purpose and live in that. Crafted For Excellence posts encouraging words on social media including; Instagram, twitter, Facebook, YouTube and now craftedforexcellence.com. These posts reach over 10,000 people a day and touch lives globally. These postings are made possible by the continued prayer of people like you. Book and t-shirt purchases help cover expenses so thank you for your purchase. Please subscribe to this blog, like Crafted For Excellence on Facebook and share these posts. You can download any of the podcasts for free.

This short video explains how Crafted For Excellence started.

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